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A cute wipe-able placemat on your changing table gives you a perfect place to set the dirty diaper, wipe, and blow-out disaster onesies. Protects your dresser from that soggy diaper you never put in the pail. If you have a theme you might be able to even find a coordinating one.

We have an Ikea dresser so the constant cleaning would definitely ruin the delicate surface. We cloth diaper part time and this is also great to have a surface to squirt water onto the wipe.

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2. Flashlight

We don’t exactly design our changing stations with the task lighting we need, so I keep a little flashlight in the drawer so I can check and see if that is the beginning of rash so I can tackle it early on! Good for middle of the night poopy changes too where you’re trying to keep it as dim as possible.5-surprising-changing-table-essentials (16)

3. Bum Brush, not really unexpected but awesome

So I laughed at this but it really is helpful and pays for itself in saved cream since you’re not coating your fingers just to wash it off. It EVEN saves you TIME because getting cream off takes forever. PLUS with your placemat it’ll suction great! (Note: I’ve seen this in several stores locally lately even my Kroger so look there too)5-surprising-changing-table-essentials (11)

4. Stain Treater

I don’t have a favorite for battling stains yet, but I do like having a treatment right at the changing table, I treat while I have two hands and then drop it off at the kitchen sink to deal with later. Currently I use Grandma’s at the changing table since it’s a nice small bottle and then use some dish soap in the sink.5-surprising-changing-table-essentials (14)

5. Paper Towels

If I know a diaper is gonna be a big mess I add a paper towel on top of my Munchkin changing pad liner, especially good in the early days of messy meconium. I don’t keep a whole roll in there but I always have a few sheets folded in the drawer ready to grab.

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What are your changing table essentials? Do you even use yours? Since his nursery is right off our kitchen we use it pretty much always.

6 weeks into this Mommy thing, I’ve learned a few things that will make my Mommy friends laugh… I thought I stayed pretty ‘grounded’ with my preggo ideas thanks to my awesome Mom-tribe but somethings you just discover…
1. My super cute West Elm had to have shelf brackets…yeah they are really just glorified soggy clothing items now…
Granted this has worked out well for rotating between two different cloth diaper covers… I can always find it!New mommy reality, west elm brackets = blowout drying rack
2. My nails haven’t been this short since I played piano in the seventh grade… first time you scratch your babe you’ll be nail clipping!shortest finger nails since 7th grade piano
3. Even if your rings managed to stay fitting throughout your pregnancy (mine did) you probably won’t wear them for a while because you’re mostly home, it’s easy to scratch him with it, and the prongs snag muslin blankets really easily!
4. If you want a photo in xyz outfit take it right away… some days your laundry pile might look like this…
One days outfits
5. Sometimes none of your ‘tricks’ work and it’s hard, but you’ll get through it!
6. You might actually dig the granny panties you bought for post-partum at home…
7. You have never felt love this deep in all your life!

After a scheduled c-section (breech), a canceled c-section 15 minute before the start (no longer breech), lots of waiting, and then a scheduled induction we finally welcomed Leagan Jameson 10 days late on September 6, 2016 at 6:55 AM!First photo with Mommy!

Leagan’s first name is  Andrew’s Maternal Great Grandmother’s maiden name, and Andrew’s Grandfather’s middle name. We are so happy to have come up with something unique, meaningful, and pronounceable!

Hospital_Portraits (7)

Here’s his announcement I made, Winnie the Pooh themed! Lots of nursery posts coming soon!

announcement3 copy

 We have a corner lot so our driveway isn't actually on 'our street'  so even after 62 years this is the first path to the front door from the mailbox!!

This is one of the projects we totally thought was going to happen in the first six months at the house... now 3 years later we're done with it!

We debated what we wanted to do, our dream was brick pravers but that was going to be cost prohibitive, so then we considered pea gravel but that's too messy for mowing, then one day at Lowes we spotted aggregate 2' x 2' pavers that match our driveway.

We used 12 bigger pavers and 3 smaller pavers to go across our little 'bridge'

Using stakes and rope we laid out the pavers in a straight line. Then we spaced the pavers to match our walking strides, this turned out to be the trickiest part. In the end we had about a 6" gap between the pavers which is a little to much for my stride but any less grass than that didn't look that great.  Before we recessed the pavers we left them on top of the grass for a while to test out the stride and to kill the grass to make digging a little easier.

To recess the pavers Andrew dug out a few i inches added, tamped it down, added some base and some sand. Since we knew they would continue to settle we left them a little above ground level perfect for easy mowing.

Budget wise we spent about $200 on pavers plus a few bags of base and sand! What a huge difference in our curb appeal, guess I need to finally plant some flowers in those pots!
lava-rock (20)
Summer 2014’s (yeah I’m a little behind…) big expensive project was redoing all the beds around the house. We purchased the home from an estate, and the father had been ill for quite sometime, so the yard had been minimally maintained for several years.
There was virtually no mulch left anywhere and the timbers were pretty rotted, other than the big bushes we could never manage to pull out we were starting from scratch.
lava-rock (31)
It took us a weekend to just pull out all of the junk we hadn’t yet, then we did the timbers, landscape fabric and rock the following 3 day weekend.
Instead of landscape timbers we chose 4x4 ground pressure treated wood, which we stained with some reddish Thompsons Water Seal we already had. The stain helped reduce the icky pressure treated greeness. We’re hoping that by going pressure treated these will last a long time.

We went with the lava rock, based on cost and weight. Moving “light lava rock” was hard work, I can’t imagine us moving one of the heavier rocks. It’s also helps that it’s one of the cheapest since the front of our house is 70 feet long, we needed 1.5 tons of rock! It also goes well with the color of our brick.
We also decided to go with rock because we have very deep eves, so all along the house we just have dry dusty dirt.

Two years later our rock and timbers still look great, the weed block is doing a a pretty good job too considering we had a ton of annoying invasive vines.

I've been busy working on operation Making Room for Baby now that my first trimester fatique has worn off.

Since our master bedroom is off the kitchen the best nursery room is my dressing room so I've been working on reducing my clothes to fit into our current guest room. (Lots of designer goodies are now listed in my Tradesy closet)

After 2 weekends of sorting the odds weren't looking good... I started looking for ways to cheat...

A couple of Amazon searches later I found my answer! This beauty is a high rise bedframe with 16.5" of clearance underneath it! That's tall enough for your average big storage tote!

 So for $110 added 58 cubic feet of storage to my guest room and all I had to do was ditch the box spring that squeaked anyway! Even better our medium size suitcase fit under it on it's side!

Since it's a oversize 'Prime' product it took awhile to get here, so I continually planned ten tons of stuff I was hoping to fit under there to the point I joked that I it was going to turn into Narnia under the bed! So far most of it is fitting.

It's super strong and sturdy and was very easy to put together!

For the bedskirt I just took the velcro off the old boxspring (see my easy velcro bedskirt post) and stuck it to the metal frame. I'll need to add a border to the end of the bedskirt to make it a little longer. The velcro will be great to remove the bedskirt when doing big swap arounds of stuff.

If you're not willing to give up your boxspring they also make a slightly shorter one that still has more clearance than your average Hollywood style bedframe, but won't make your bed too high. 

This is not a sponsored post I'm just super excited about this easy storage solution.
Christmas morning Andrew and I found out we had a little something extra to be excited about... Baby Sharp arriving August 2016!

So far I've been super lucky in my how I've been feeling! We're now at 17 weeks and other than a couple of weeks of super sleepiness at the end of the first trimester I've been feeling great! Lots of nursery planning and baby sewing posts to come!

Here's a outake from our Christmas morning photoshoot with the 'big sister' kitties.

Announcing to our Parents

To tell our parents I sewed baby carriage ornaments with "August 2015" on the reverse since we found out on Christmas morning.

Then we wrapped the ornament in a fancy box and placed the ultrasound picture along with a Pooh quote "I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen." - A.A. Milne

It made for a great reveal! We also got super lucky and were in Maryland in late January for a friends wedding so we were able to tell my parents in person! In fact it was the same weekend as the worst blizzard in over 10 years... but luckily we were able to safely get in and out of DC safely.

For our announcement to our parents I also sewed a Winnie the Pooh romper for everyone to have their photo taken with after finding out.

This Pooh toile was my first 'baby fabric' purchase! So sweet! I added a "S" applique in corduroy to give it some extra interest. To it create I used this free pattern from Sleeping is for Sissies which worked out really well. I'll definitely be whipping up a few more of these!

Photos with the romper!

Andrew's Parents

Andrew's Granny

Kirstin's Parents

Here's all the sewing I did in 2015 but haven't gotten around to blogging yet... someday!

I found these oversize stiff thick felt balloon shapes for under $3 each at Walmart, since it's felt I knew it would embroider well... so I grabbed two of them

Then I added "Happy" and "Birthday" to them in a thick oversize font.

I floated them in the the hoop, attached with spray adhesive and watched them pretty closely.

Then for the streamers I used Aleene's Tacky Glue and oversize ric-rac.

Of course since I'm all about the multipurpose. I printed Andrew's name in a similar font on colored paper and then cut it out in a banner shape.

It makes for a great effect.

Andrew had a great birthday and loved his new Mario Shirt!
My Oma is a knitter, so when I found this adorable redwork embroidery pattern for FREE (No longer free, but get it here from Trina Walker Designs) I had to make it just for her! This lovely pillow features my first attempt at mitered corners and piping!

The sheep says " I Wool Always Love Ewe"

A LONG time ago when I had one of the first tablet PCs I turned my handwriting into a font, with this font I was able to add my name to the back in my own handwriting!

Oma was very impressed with my construction, of course once she got it she had to inspect her Grand Daughter's work.

Do you have a crafty Grandmother who does the same?