Are you reading Colette Pattern's new online sewing magazine Seamwork yet?

If not you are seriously missing out! The magazine is free, then you want the 2 included quick sew stylish patterns you can have them for just $6 for BOTH! As if it's not fabulous enough, they just added the Seamwork Radio podcast! You can learn and sew at the same time!

Ok on to the Oslo Cardigan.

My fellow sewist Mary Lou Who and I wanted to sew together so this "2-hour" pattern was the perfect project since we've both made clothes before.


Fit: I am currently the top end of the L size so that's what I cut, it worked well especially since this heavy waffle knit drags.


At the first trying on the shoulders were hanging really low. Luckily my 'too short' cowl cause me to add a small box pleat to the center neck. I also inserted elastic in the seam like at the shoulders to keep it from stretching out.



For the cuffs and cowl I used the the wrong side of the waffle knit for extra contrast.

Overall the Olso was a fun pretty easy project even if it took longer than "2 hours" =)

Get the carriage look for less without having to put holes in your garage door.


So they sell these magnets that are just vinyl silhouettes of garage door hardware, which go me thinking… of course.

Garage-Door-Hardware-MagneticI took a standard garage door hardware kit (that I scored on clearance to boot) and modified them to be magnetic for ease, and since I didn’t want to put holes in my door.


Garage Door Decorative Hardware Kit
Small Bolt Cutters (Harbor Freight's worked fine)
E6000 glue
Neodymium magnets (the extra strong kind, you can also find those at Harbor Freight)
Hammered Spray Paint
Safety Glasses



First we need to  paint the top of the screws and the hardware pieces. Spray the screws by sticking them upright on a piece or cardboard or Styrofoam.Garage-Door-Hardware-Magnetic-002

Then it time to cut off the back side of the screws using your bolt cutters. The head of the screw can bounce off very far, so please wear full safety goggles and cut into a box to trying catch the flying pieces.Garage-Door-Hardware-Magnetic-017  Garage-Door-Hardware-Magnetic-023

Next glue the screw ‘muffin tops’ into the holes of the hardware using the E6000 glue, if you have too much glue, acetone works well for clean up. Working on wax paper was also helpful.

IMG_4523  IMG_4518

Then glue the magnets to the back of the hardware, off set these from the filled screw holes, the number of magnets you need will vary based on the size of your magnets.IMG_4527

Pop them on to the door, and ta dah instant upgrade.


You might have to push them back into place every once in a while, but it’s easy. Make sure you ‘pull’ them off, if you slide them you’ll scratch your garage door.


Note: I put these up 7/13 I’m finally blogging these 3/15 and they still look fabulous, and I haven’t even had to readjust some of them!

Here’s the simple way I organize some of my crafting tools.

I used tomato paste and sauce cans spiffed up with ribbon scraps and little galvanized buckets from Logan’s desserts.

All on tray that I can slide out from under this little shelf.craft-room-tool-caddy (1)craft-room-tool-caddy (2)craft-room-tool-caddy (3)

It’s great to have lots of little containers for all those notions and tools you acquire for sewing!


We recently got a Publix close to our house which is WONDERFUL, and there is no cake better than a Publix cake. We worked with our Publix Apron’s consultant Rita, which make the process so painless. We even still got a cake tasting!

Publix was fabulous we did a small 8” Raspberry Elegance as our cutting cake on our “12 Drummers Drumming” cake stand I got on sale from Pottery Barn.


Then we got a half sheet cake which we did half in white and half chocolate with strawberries and custard in the middle.DSC_0006
We used our rehearsal time to set up the day before the wedding.  We picked our cakes up the before we headed to set up and stowed them safely in the fridge along with the drinks. So glad we did this, it was nice not to have to worry about the cakes!



I FINALLY made myself some pattern weights, I do not know why I’ve been suffering so long.easy-pattern-weights
I used jean scraps from shortening my jeans and metal BBs. The jean scrap is perfect for holding up to the heavy BBs. A perfect fast whip up to make your next project so much easier.

front-door-monogram (1)When I got our giant 36” over the bed monogram I also ordered this smaller monogram to use on our front door from League of Letters on Etsy.

The retro styling is perfect for our 1950s ranch home.

This was way easier to do than painting too!

All I did was lightly sand the whole thing, then I stained it with a cherry stain using an old sock. I did two layers and it was perfect.

I hammered a D ring to the back and hung it with a ribbon onto our door knocker.

Looks great with our new storm door.

Here’s how I like approach my PDF pattern collection.mrytle-dress-brown (2)

First I look at the whole pattern, and only print the pages that have pattern pieces for the size I am making.

Then I do the dreaded cut and tape.

For the instruction I print those 2 pages per sheet since normally you can still see everything you need in that size.

For storage I add a label with the pattern info to a gallon zip lock. The label makes it faster to read than writing right on the zip lock.

Then I use an elastic scrap to hold the directions together.

When I’m making the pattern I swap out the elastic for a metal binder ring for easy flipping.

See where I store the rest of my patterns in this post.

Reagans-monogram-tshirt (10)Mini Bestie just turned one! Since she’s a 1/2 Florida Girl she definitely needed a Lilly Pulitzer inspired monogram tee to make it through Raleigh’s winter.

I used Hooked on Applique’s pointed circle monogram paired with a pink and white floral print.

To further embellish the long sleeve black tee I added oink ric-rack to the bottom and a decorative stitch to the cuffs. Too cozy and cute, not too bad for my first attempt at a full blown applique tee with my new Brother Dreamweaver XE.

Reagans-monogram-tshirt (1)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (2)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (3)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (4)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (5)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (6)Reagans-monogram-tshirt (7)

Two Rivers Mansion is owned by Nashville Metro Parks so we had good size prep kitchen at the venue and no cater restrictions.

We got pricing from several different companies and in the end we went with our favorite restaurant right down the road. The price was right and they cooked right on site in their mobile catering kitchen. We didn’t want to deal with having “eh” food that was trucked across town.

Uncle Bud’s is more of a ‘company picnic’ type of caterer, so to counter that we provided our own plates, cups, silverware.

We got our “china look” plates from Costco and our “silver look” flatware on Amazon. These looked great, were nice and sturdy, and people thought they were neat. Without an on site caterer it wasn’t worth trying to rent china.



I made “Wedding POP” because I am soooo a marketer. Our menu included:
Cat Fish
Fried Chicken
Shrimp Cocktail
Hush Puppies
White Beans

Everyone is still RAVING about how good our food was, and many guest have gone to the restaurant since.

Plus we actually did get to eat, here’s the proof!


If are a Nashvillian and want more information about our experience using Uncle Bud’s as our cater I’m happy to share, just email me! They don’t have shrimp cocktail on their menu but were able to provide us with it.

It pays to keep an eye out on Craigslist, even if it’s constantly tempting you. I nabbed this $1,200 new Pfaff Serger with Cover stitch on craigslist for just $200.

I cleaned and oiled it up, and it runs great. Only missing 1 piece, the little table top.

I was good and made samples of each “stitch program” and wrote what the tensions were. This took several hours, but it was a great chance to teach myself how to switch it around, and was great to have samples with different colored threads. elfa-serger (2)

I used even sized pieces of scrap cotton fabric, on the stitches it made sense for I did it on two pieces and a single piece of fabric.

I even referenced them just in my first serger project, so I think it will end up being a very good time investment.