Friday, November 7, 2014

Easy Pattern Weights

I FINALLY made myself some pattern weights, I do not know why I’ve been suffering so long.easy-pattern-weights
I used jean scraps from shortening my jeans and metal BBs. The jean scrap is perfect for holding up to the heavy BBs. A perfect fast whip up to make your next project so much easier.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Front Door Monogram

front-door-monogram (1)When I got our giant 36” over the bed monogram I also ordered this smaller monogram to use on our front door from League of Letters on Etsy.

The retro styling is perfect for our 1950s ranch home.

This was way easier to do than painting too!

All I did was lightly sand the whole thing, then I stained it with a cherry stain using an old sock. I did two layers and it was perfect.

I hammered a D ring to the back and hung it with a ribbon onto our door knocker.

Looks great with our new storm door.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

PDF Pattern Storage

Here’s how I like approach my PDF pattern collection.mrytle-dress-brown (2)

First I look at the whole pattern, and only print the pages that have pattern pieces for the size I am making.

Then I do the dreaded cut and tape.

For the instruction I print those 2 pages per sheet since normally you can still see everything you need in that size.

For storage I add a label with the pattern info to a gallon zip lock. The label makes it faster to read than writing right on the zip lock.

Then I use an elastic scrap to hold the directions together.

When I’m making the pattern I swap out the elastic for a metal binder ring for easy flipping.

See where I store the rest of my patterns in this post.