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By February 27, 2017 ,

Back in the day I loved a site called Ziplist for all my recipe collecting needs… alas like most things on the internet it eventually got axed (RIP Google Reader) but now I see that as a good thing. The CopyMeThat team really stepped up there game and improved their tool to be way better than Ziplist ever was.

How it works:

Add a browser button similar to pinterest to your browser and click it on the recipe page.

CopyMeThat adds it to your ‘queue’ to confirm.

Next time you log in you get to confirm it, my favorite thing to do at this point is give it a ‘tag’ for the type of recipe it is,and clean up any formatting before CopyMeThat saves it, the ‘magic sauce’ of CopyMeThat is that the entire recipe is saved in their app, if the blog goes private you still have your capture of the recipe.


From the main screen you can see your recipes in a photo list and importantly you can check mark if you’ve made them or not, and what your rating is, sooo important!


You can also cleanly print the recipe from CopyMeThat, but also access from the app where it’s in the same clean format that is easier than scrolling through a endless blog post (I’m looking at you Ree!) even better when you are looking at a recipe on the app your phone will not go to sleep mode!


From the recipe page you can add the recipe to your grocery list and your meal plan calendar.

The grocery list feature is awesome on CopyMeThat, you can dynamically switch between sorting by “recipe” or “by category” YES it auto groups by aisle and it works even with stuff you add in.

image image

Meal Planning View if that’s your thing (No my meal plan isn’t that involved!)


Overall CopyMeThat works really well for me, especially the tagging function since when planning our week I’m looking for 1 crockpot thing, 1 chicken thing, etc. the tags let me do that easily.

You can also share your recipes in CopyMeThat, check out mine here.

I know lots of people got Instapots for Christmas, here’s my “Pressure Cooker” tag.

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