Getting to Know Andrew Sharp

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A not interview interview assignment I did on Andrew, he really really liked it so I guess I'll share
Getting to Know Andrew Sharp
            The air is heavy with humidity, grey looming clouds are stopped hovering over Seattle. It’s a perfectly Eeyore kind of day, which perfectly suits the character we’re about to meet. We find Mr. Andrew Sharp in the corner of a twisty turn-ey homey coffee shop sipp’in on a mocha. You always find Andrew with a cup of joe, if he doesn’t have one, you’d probably best leave him alone; don’t let the baby face and crooked grin fool you. Soft jazz is weaving its way through the coffee house from the back stage, creating that just perfect amount of background noise for curling up with a good Dean Koontz book. Andrew, never Andy, finishes his chapter and heads to the backstage; it’s the Centennial Hiptet’s set now.
            Andrew takes his spot at the back of the stage. Drumming is in his blood -- for three generations at least.  His drums sparkle like his hazel eyes. The drums are green though, a retro Gretsch set he spent his childhood dreaming of. The guitar, bass, keys, and trumpet players assemble before him. Andrew counts it off, “A one, a two, a three, four” and off they take us on the journey that is improv jazz. Their groove takes hold over the coffee shop; the shop begins to follow the rhythm of the drums. Andrew stirs the coffee on his snare just as the audience stirs their cup.
            Seattle is a perfect fit for Andrew, when choosing where to settle down after leaving Nashville he thought Italy would be the place, but wine and fettuccini only go so far, you need coffee too. Andrew packs up his drums and heads home to his loft just to leave again, tomorrow after work he heads to the cabin for his other passion, fishing. Andrew, his dad, and his uncle make quite the fishing trio, the catch is only the side show to the hilarious movie quote filled conversations that occur out on the lake. Pepper saunters up checking to see where her master has gone without her. Pepper is a curious creature, a spiffy tuxedo cat convinced she’s a dog. Andrew scoops her up into his arms and assures her that she wasn’t forgotten with a big hug followed by the plink of meow mix into her bowl.
            Still not ready to call it a night Andrew plops into the couch to enjoy a few episodes or movies before bed, anything with Adam Sandler or written by Larry David will suffice. Halfway through the show Andrew is out for the count, good thing he could quote the whole “Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld.
            Andrew wakes up and whips himself up an “Andrew Special”, a descendent of his Grandfather BB’s famous breakfast. Always crafting in the kitchen and trying new things this morning’s breakfast takes form with two biscuit eyes, scrambled hair, a patty noise, a bacon mouth, and a grits beard. A thermos full of coffee and it’s off to solve the IT crises of the top execs. It’s a tough job, but Andrew is just the guy for it. Patient and motivated best describes the work ethic which sets him apart. Sure there are stories of the broken computer which simply has a turned off monitor (always a favorite) but there are true problems as well like ensuring data security and such, Andrew’s the guy for any of that.  Sure silly calls and problems frustrate any worker in IT support but he doesn’t let it get him down; he crafts them each into witty intelligent stories best described as ‘Long story – Long.’ Keeping it brief isn’t always a part of his award winning skillset.
            Andrew Sharp, one sharp guy.

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