Granny's Favorite Carrot Cake

By February 26, 2010 ,

ndrew's Granny claims my carrot cake is the best she's ever had, but I have a secret, it's really Singrid's.
I found my dear friend Singrid via my baking chum The Pioneer Woman.  Anywho I baked this last week to bring over for dinner, and I'm finally getting to post it
See the recipe here, and take my photo baking journey below.

So my journey began I had exactly three hours to bake and leave the house...

When grating carrots do you still have to peel them? I haven't a clue so I did.
(clip on your finger peeler best thing ever for a klutz like me)

Showing off the 'baking' cupboard, sadly it overflows into others

The eggs sugar oil step...

Sifting is important, mesh strainer totally the way, I've broken my spring flour sifter in frustration...

Pans Ready (now I note the carrots hiding behind the veggie oil)

Notice anything missing in the those pans? Carrot shreds perhaps?
(I didn't have much luck with those non stick pans, I have luck in a 9x13 pyrex for 30 min, since the directions are very vague. For that pyrex a single batch of frosting is perfect)

Double batch of frosting. soo good but so messy. Powdered sugar is a OCD person's worst nightmare.

So are you wondering about that whole carrot forgetfulness issue?

Well luckily I had enough to make a second cake, the first turned into yummy carrot cake. Sadly no photos of the final product since it transported to Granny's unfrosted and steaming hot. 

My baking helper in her semi sweet box, both naughty and nice

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