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By April 23, 2010 ,

Here's just some of what I've been up to during my extended blogging absence...

I went to Louisville this past weekend with school. This is the fourth year I've been involved with DEX and my third trip with them, past trips included Orlando (2007) and Anaheim, CA (2009). (Become a fan or "like" Belmont Entrepreneurship on Facebook here)

I daresay this year was the most fun, we had a fabulous group of students, and of course the best advisers. To boot I had had great roomies, and my sister daughter in Alpha Gam (Sarah) came as well!

Sarah and I competed in the Entrepreneurial Challenge and placed in third! Our business idea was called Hello Cupcake, and you're surely be hearing more about that soon, I'm hoping to tape our 5 minute pitch!

Sarah, Dr.C, and I after the 8 finalists were announced!
 Third Place just announced! 
Those who placed in the Top 3 from our team!

Dr.Cornwall's Brag post!
Strong Showing:
"DEX team 2010.jpg

Belmont students had a strong showing earlier this week at the Collegiate DECA comptitions, Delta Epsilon Chi.

Out of the 1500 students from 250 universities, our students had 17 national winners out of the 28 students we took to this event:

2nd Place National - Financial Service Management - Justin Wood (Sr, Finance)
2nd Place National - Restaurant Management - Clark Buckner (Fr, Entrepreneurship)
3rd Place National - Entrepreneurship Challenge - Kirstin Long (Sr, Entrep & Mktg) and Sarah Beairsto (Entrep, Soph)
Top 8 National -- Entrepreneurship Challenge - Eric Carroll (Sr, Entrep & Mktg), Justin Wood (Senior, Finance), and Corey Griggs (Sr, Entrep)
Top 8 National -- Entrepreneurship Challenge - Aubree Phillips (Jr, Entrep), Kallie Robertson-Smith (Sr, Entrep) and Lexi Nash (Sr, Entrep & MBU)
Top 8 National -- Entrepreneurship Challenge - Mandy Thompson (Jr, Mktg), Catharine Hooks (Jr., Entrep), Emilie Lico (Fr, Entrep)
Top 10 National - Entrepreneurship Business Plan - Susan Harbison (Sr. Entrep)
Top 10 National - Entrepreneurship Business Plan - Corey Griggs (Sr, Entrep)
Top 10 National - Design Presentation -- Kallie Robertson-Smith (Sr, Entrep)
Top 10 National - Sales Management Presentation - Jerrell Harris (Soph, Entrep)

Via [http://www.drjeffcornwall.com/2010/04/strong-showing.html]

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