HK Blogger Pick of the Week - Hello Kitty Junkie

By June 11, 2010 ,

Each week I pick a blog from collection of 203 Google Reader Subscriptions and showcase a blog I love.

The Blog: Hello Kitty Junkie

The Feed: FeedBurner Feed

Who is she:
Maria is a Los Angeles gal who was born in Japan who's even more Hello Kitty obsessed than I am. She's also the premier Hello Kitty blogger out there.
What she talks about:
Anything and everything Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty Junkie always has the latest news and goodies. Maria finds great crazy Hello Kitty stuff from abroad as well.
Why she's worth reading:
Well if you love Hello Kitty you'll enjoy all the neat unique Hello Kitty stuff, especially the stuff from abroad that you'd never see otherwise.  She's also a very talented graphic designer and continually creates great character backgrounds for your computer and phone.

Hello Kitty Villa Source

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