HK Orignal Recipe Easy Croutons

By June 28, 2010 ,

I can't believe I haven't tried to make croutons before it's completely easy and great way to use up bread.

I had some french bread leftover from a dinner party and from reading a few recipes I came up with my personal combination.

The seasoning cast, EVOO in the squeeze bottle (if you don't have your EVOO in one of these it's a must! Mine was $0.99 at the Williams Sonoma Outlet)
Pick whatever seasonings you have on hand and what your favorites are, you can't go wrong!
Chop your bread into small chunks
until you have this
Add oil and seasons and continuously toss to mix, no measuring just eye balling it.
Spread on a sheet pan
toast at 450 degrees for about five minute to desired crispness, you have to babysit these or you'll get briquettes

Enjoy on your salads for the week to come.

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