HK Blogger Pick of the Week - Consumerist

By July 09, 2010 ,

Each week I pick a blog from collection of 203 Google Reader Subscriptions and showcase a blog I love.

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Who are they: Consumerist has been recently purchased by Consumer Reports from Gawker media, this was a great move for Consumer Reports as they provide up to the minute "Consumer Reports" style information. They post a lot but it's all very interesting and well written.

What they talk about: At Consumerist you'll find posts on anything and everything business/customer service related. You'll find letters people have written about absolutely horrific service, you'll find people reporting amazing customer service for just the tiniest of issues. They post bargains and money saving ideas, along with how tos. Check out their "Topics" page as I feel it puts it best. 

Why they're worth reading: Let's face it everyone needs to be more careful with their money in this day and age, and Consumerist is a great way to stay informed.  Plus their "Morning Deals" posts are easy ways to find bargains as well.

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