I have a problem...

By July 06, 2010 , , ,

I used the holiday weekend to tackle my our closet, which now looks great.
But in that process I determined there was no more room for my vast purse collection in our closet any longer, so now they are sitting in a mountain on the couch in the "Pink Room" crushing poor Maxine and Goldie (Pups lower left).  Don't you just love when organizing just creates a second mess?

I'm debating a few different storage ideas for these. What I really need are skinny shelves for the smaller bags, and deep shelves for the massive tote bags... How I wish and don't wish we had an Ikea.
Wish so I could go get this right now.
(They used to make it in white, but wouldn't it be cute painted hot pink?)
Why the 'don't wish' you wonder? Well because everyone else would have it too.

How about a purse room?
Or how about this...

Anyone else out there with a so many purses they warrant their own storage solution?

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