Graduation Announcements

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So I found this set of 48 Martha Stewart Wedding Invitations at Marshalls on clearance for $3, I was looking for graduation announcements at the time, and they didn't look too weddingy so I decided for $3 to try them.  After all one of the important things Dr.C taught me was the art of bootstrapping...

Here's the "wedding look"

The whole suite laid out.

I created the design in photoshop. The drawings of Belmont were created with by tweaking the Akvis drawing plugin.

I used the reply card to include a little blurb about my time at Belmont and a line and pen of the Belmont Mansion.

Since only my and Andrew's family were able to attend I opted to send my announcements after graduation so I could include a photo from graduation. I used a sticker on the back to let people know who the photo was with.

The paper was pretty thin so I used cardstock in Belmont colors to beef the response card, since I wanted to use the belly band I couldn't back the main announcement.The envelopes they came with were very nice which was awesome, nice envelopes are pricey. The DIY wasn't so bad since I was only making 30. I printed these on the Samsung CLP-310 Color Laser I got as a graduation present from my parents, which worked pretty well.  So how did my announcements compare to Josten's $2 a piece ones... well I saved a $1.79 each and spent under $10!! (Not including postage of course.)

Item Cost /quan Cost per
Invitation Suite $3.00 48 $0.0625
Card Stock $3.99 48 $0.083125
Printing 0 0 0
Photos (2 per 4x6) $2.60 40 $.065
Totals $9.59 $0.210625
(Notes: Not including toner expense since I'm on the starters still, postage isn't apart of the savings so I left it out, can you tell I'm an business person?!)

So take another look at those super clearance wedding invites and use them as invitations, it's a huge step up from an e-vite!

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  1. I like this invitation better than any other I have seen. The ones at the bookstore are pretty dull. I have the ability to print my own, Is this design available for purchase? i'm graduating from Belmont in a few months.

    1. Hi Stacy,congrats on graduating from Belmont! I made this design to fit the Martha Stewart Clearance Wedding invites I found. You could easily recreate them in word, I'm not sure where the illustrations ended up but I'm sure somethings floating around the internet.