Why you NEED Seesmic Desktop 2

By September 14, 2010 , ,

So we all know I'm a techy AND that I'm pretty much addicted to the internet and social media, right? Well as far as accessing this via clients all I was using was Digsby (A IM mega client that has some social features) and Tweetdeck. I was never really happy with tweetdeck and I'll show you why

See this?? This is CLUTTER. I only way to save views and collumns is to add more clutter... and then you add the motion of stuff moving down the columns as it updates... I can't believe I used it for like six months.

Now to meet my new best friend Seesmic aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
Yeah he's got a silly name and funny looking logo, but just look at those smooth curves and clean lines. Wait it gets even better... rather than having to scroll left and right to find the collumn with what you're looking for, you GASP get to choose the list, topic, whatever from a sleek left hand collumn. Even better it's got 40+ plugins for everything you could possibly use and want to see. It also integrates with Facebook and Linked In on top of being a Twitter client. The other cool feature is the 'Home' tab which integrates all you have have it connected too into one feed. Sure it's not what I look at all the time, but it's still pretty darn cool.

So give Seesmic a shot if you're looking to replace your client or if you're still lame and are using the website... tehehe

Get Seesmic by visiting their site here. You'll need Microsoft Silverlight as well, but the downloader will help you get it.

 Let me know what you use? What you think of Seesmic? Or you need help by leaving me a comment below.

 Happy Tweeting.

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