Devil's Bugle

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An Alpha Gam Mom made these and brought them to recruitment, let's just say they are dangerous, her's were totally covered in chocolate but to save time I just dipped the ends of mine in chocolate.
These would make a great Halloween treat as they look like witches hats.
Once you've tasted one, you'll understand how I came up with the name.

What you need:

 What you do
Stuff your bugles with peanut butter or Nutella. The baggy piping method works, but a real piping tip would work better. So I ended up using a spoon.
Scoop of peanut butter, then just kinda slide the edge of the bugle up the spoon to shove in the max amount of peanut butter goodness.
Not every bugle has enough of an opening to fill, so you'll need a reject bowl.

All filled and ready to dip, I did the same with the Nutella, Nutella is a little more runny, but the same method still works.

That's the end of the photo documentation, as at this point Andrew asked me "Are you going to be ready to leave in 45 minutes?"

I melted my chocolate chips, they were too thick, so I dumped them and melted some chocolate candy melts which worked much better, i just stuck the end in to the dips on my double boilers and plopped them on wax paper, i then stuck them in the fridge for a few minute to help them set since my kitchen was super hot! You have to be careful with the fridge since you don't want them to get stale.

These stay crispy for almost a week even with the pb inside I'd say so you can safely make them ahead of time and keep in an airtight container, which is good cause they are awesome but time consuming.

The finished product.

Salty, Sweet, and savory all in one!

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