Lost Hobbies Found Dollhouses

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Real Good Toys Vermont Farmhouse Jr Kit - 1 Inch Scale - RL046Since I've finished that whole school thing, I've made time to return to old hobbies.
 Introducing my hobby from fifth grade, dollhouses, I started building this doll house back then my darling Real Good Toys Vermont Farmhouse it sports an unfinished sky blue roof, yellow siding, purple and teal trim, and remains to be finished...
So I was at Michael's looking through the clearance and found this for $3.50

Can't beat that, I figured oh I'll make it Christmas colors and it can be a decoration or something.
But then of course I decided that that would mean I would only get to see it between Thanksgiving and my Birthday (Jan. 5) and well that just wasn't good enough...
Then the Gingerbread Victorian styling reminded me of perhaps my favorite house ever.

This lovely pink and green cottage is on Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard, it's apart of  the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting and overlooks the tabernacle.  Visiting 'my house' is a key part to any Vineyard trip, and I can't  wait to 'visit' at the end of THIS month, so excited! I definitely need an updated version of this picture, this one is from 2004!

So my color scheme was picked, so here is the completed doll house with it's Martha's Vineyard inspired colors.

Putting it together was fun and pretty easy, or maybe that's just because I have more patience now, hehe. The 'wallpaper' is scrap booking paper glue sticked on.

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