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Hello Kirsti A-Z as stolen from The Adventures of Mrs. Smith

{a} Age: 23.
{b} Bed size: Queen.
{c} Chore you hate: Vacuuming.
{d} Dogs: Max the Sheltie, Bella the Golden Chow both in Maryland

{e} Essential start to your day: Coffee with one splenda.
pink coffee cupImage by 铁蛋骑士 via Flickr
{f} Favorite color:  Pink

{g} Gold or silver: Silver, though more gold lately.
{h} Height: 5'3'' – an inch taller than Mom, goal in life acheived.

{i} Instruments you play: Andrew is attempting to make me a drummer...

{j} Job title: Web and Marketing Coordinator for a Pro Audio, Video, Lighting Company.
{k} Kids: Furbaby Pepper. Spoiled.  Rotten. Kitty.

{l} Live: Nashville
Panorama of Nashville, Tennessee.Image via Wikipedia
{m} Mom's name: Stephanie.
{n} Nicknames: Kirsti. Hello Kirsti.
{o} Overnight hospital stays: None.
{p} Pet peeve: Disorganization. Hello OCD
{q} Quote from a book: 
The Shopping Cycle (Like the nitrogen cycle but not)
"A bit like a farmer's crop rotation system. Except, instead of wheat-maize-barley-fallow, mine pretty much goes clothes-makeup-shoes-clothes. (I don't usually bother with fallow.) Shopping is actually very similar to farming a field. You can't keep buying the same thing-you have to have a bit of variety."
-Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood
Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
{r} Right- or left-handed: Lefty.
{s} Siblings: Only Child.

BUT I have A LOT of Sisters!

{t} Time you wake up: 6:30 during the week,  9ish on the weekend.
{u} Under your bed: Magazines and empty gun cases. (Yeah never thought that would be my answer).
{v} Vegetables you dislike: Mushrooms.
Fly Agaric MushroomImage by Vicki & Chuck Rogers via Flickr
{w} What makes you run late: Snoozing, Facebooking, Hair Straightening .
{x} X-rays you've had: Wisdom Teeth.
{y} Yummy food you make: Pie, Cake, Cookies, Souffle, umm basically what you see here.

{z} Zoo - favorite animal: I love Kangaroos (K is for Kangeroo) and anything fuzzy and sweet.
An Eastern Grey feeding in native grasslandImage via Wikipedia
If you do the survey too, leave your link it in the comments =)

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