CMA Fest Top 5 Moments

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Mom and I attended our 7th CMA Music Fest (AKA Fan Fair) last week. As always it was a great show, a lot of fun, and hotter than hell. Enjoy some of my favorite moments from this year below!!IMAG0034
1. Keith Urban running by within 4 feet of us to sing in the stands. This guy is crazy climbing over and under things giving security run for their money!
2. Getting a hi-five from Taylor Swift!! Taylor’s run through the crowd was a lot more prepared they had security with ropes to create a barrier, but luckily we were on the end. She totally was skipping the whole way. Sadly her sound was messed up on top of the fact her music is very produced so it only ok.

3. All of LP Field surprising Brad with a “She’s working on her tan” hula. Best of all we all thought we looked just like our instructor, do to a lil help from some Al-cho-hol, but at least we weren’t wearing lampshades on our heads…
Here’s a video I found

4. The JaneDear Girls, they were awesome!! They opened the last night of CMA Fest and did a great job. Plus I love how Susie pulls off pin up girl so well! Look at that pink dress and the roses on her mandolin strap. The really cool part was their guitar player looked really familiar, thanks to Facebook and I phone I figured out it was a Belmont student I’ve seen around campus, very cool!
Martina & Lauren Alaina (American Idol) singing together, really shows how talented Lauren is!!
5. Making Martina McBride cry. Martina is pretty much amazing, here she’s singing with Lauren Alaina (American Idol)  it really showed how talented Lauren is!! We made Martina cry with an seemingly endless standing ovation.

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