1st Sewing Project - Pocket Tissue Holder

By July 15, 2011 ,

I completed my first project Wednesday night!

I was smart and started little and slow.

Meet my new travel Kleenex holder, perfect for me, the constant sniffler (TN pollen hates me!)

I'm still getting the tension right on my machine, I totally had a "I miss my mommy!" moment while trying to get it right!

Overall I'm happy with my end product, I even added a little decorative green stitching to spice it up some.

I definitely have a lot to work on before I venture on to more challenging projects though. I don't think I was ever very good at going stright but whatever skill I had 5 (?) years ago has definitely deteriorated. I can only hope my patience has improved though!! haha

I used the tutorial found on Sew Momma Sew, but it was written by Jennifer of JCasa*Homemade.

Would you use a cute kleenex holder?

Sorry that's the only photo I have, the computer techy corrupted her SD card and will now hide in shame!

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