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1. HTC Evo Shift on Sprint
100_3860Clad in it's otterbox case, because I am a c lutz. (Andrew claims that protecting me from myself is a full time job, he's right) If you want a smartphone that still has a physical keyboard on Sprint this is the phone to get. I've had it less than a month but so far I like it a lot and it's put up with all I've thrown at it.
2. Archos 101T Android Tablet
IMAG0122 LOVE this thing, tiny and quick. My favorite thing to use it for is to read all my fabulous bloggers on it while watching tv on the couch, the Google Reader app works beautifully, and since it's a tablet I'm not multitasking out the wazoooooo like I do on my desktop (which is also in the livingroom)
3. Rachel
2011-01-12 08.21.50
Ok it's not really Rachel, and she doesn't fit in my bag, but I LOVE my Rachel, as I affectionately call the GPS built into my RX330. Rachel has saved me soo many times. Cell phone GPS will never replace her to me, cell phone is just waaaay too slow. Rachel knows right away that I've turned the wheel the wrong way and that she needs to save me.
4. Kindle
I look at computer screens all day long. Literally, at work and at home since I am a internet junkie, when reading I don't want refresh rates and pixels, or the ability to multitask, enter my lover the kindle. The screen is freaking gorgeous and crisp, every bit as comfortable as ink on a page to me. Until you have kindle you don't realize how much 'work' it is to hold up and turn that page when you're sleepy but HAVE to finish the next chapter. So LOVE LOVE LOVE. I don't love that at lot of times the kindle version is more than the mass market paperback but you have to see it as an investment in not having so much junk... and I think we could all use a little less STUFF in our lives, right?!
5. Asus Eee PC 1008HA
100_3866 When the tablet isn't enough and I just need a 'Real' computer I whip out my tiny 10" Asus netbook. All the sexy lines of the Macbook Air but smaller and a fraction of the price. My netbook was great for my senior year of school where I rarely bothered with my 'big sister' Tablet HP 12" Laptop. For surfing around campus you can't go wrong with a netbook.
6. Slacker G2
100_3864Internet radio on the go. I call this the lazy gals ipod. I use Rhapsody at home to keep up with the latest tunes, and slacker keeps me groovin in the car. Simple great device. Sometimes it's just good to have something that does one thing very well.
7. Kodak cheapy camera (M1033)
IMAG0124   Soooo I'm a little rough on cameras....
My first Fujifine pix bit the dust on a freezing cold Christmas parade night, yeah I froze a camera to death... I have talent. It's successor my lovely Raspberry pink fuji was eventually dropped so many times that it's internal lens could no longer focus 90% of the time. I finally broke down and got a replacement a Kodak for $120 since megapixels have gotten so cheap. So far I've only dented it. I don't love it's lens but for what it is, it works. I dream of an SLR though to relive my photography days....

What tech gear do you LOVE?

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