Duplicating a Favorite Dress

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100_4120So I LOVE this dress I got from J. Crew and the other day it struck me that, it's essentially a giant pillow case dress. (Those not in the little girl fashion know: a pillow case dress is a boxy dress that can be made from a pillow case, or a pillow case amount of fabric, it's a simple design and can be super cute. )
So looking at the construction I decided hey I can soooo do this, and  I did, using 2 yards of green seersucker I got at Hobby Lobby last year for $8
I hope to make a pattern to share from this, but I definitely need to make a second dress before I've got the whole technique down, no worries though I plan on making a second soon!
Here’s a photo tutorial of my process, if you have a similar dress to base your pattern on, try this method!
Fold dress in half and pin to 2 yards of fabric, also folded in half
Go ahead and create a pattern with wrapping paper so you don’t have to pin up your dress each time you make one.100_4083
100_4089Pattern pieces beneath the dress, note how I added seam allowance, in hindsight I wish I had added more100_4090100_4092Pressing and pinning the bottom hem, then sewing it as straight as possible. 100_4093
Sniping the curve of the arm holes, and keeping even with a seam gauge.
Making sure both armhole curves match up after pressing.
Pinning the sides making sure the armholes match up.
Double folding the open hem on the back where the ribbon will thread through.
Pressed and ready to sew
Trying to sew straight
Using the original dress as a guide for the slight scoop, I snip and fold over the front of the dress, I didn’t leave enough seam allowance to do a double fold =(
matches at last!!
Really trying to sew straight since it’s the collar of the dress, since it was going to be tricky to thread the ribbon in I sewed this part with a nylon string into for easy threading.
Threading the ribbon on through!
All done, can’t wait to wear it!!
I promise a pattern is coming soon!! I need to make a second one to work out kinks first!

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  1. Wow -- very impressive!

  2. Hi Kirsti! Thank you so much for linking up to my sewer newbie link party!!!! I added the link party on a whim and I'm so glad I did so that I could see this AWESOME dress you made. It's super cute!!! I can't wait to look through your blog and learn more about you girl! Thanks again!

  3. What a great dress!!! So fun that you used a fave dress you already had to make the pattern. Great idea. I have a fashion linky party that has this project's name all over it ;) It's calle diy diva thursdays and we'd love to have you link up!