Mind over Matter Motto 2012

By January 04, 2012 , ,

Like everyone else under the sun, Andrew and I are getting healthy in 2012. This also coincides with Bestie’s WEDDING in July, finally the kick in the butt to get this done and stick to it.
I feel like Winnie the Pooh wisdom can be applied anywhere, so based on this song I’ve created this!
The lines from the song available with sound at this site.

Mind over matter
Will make the Pooh unfatter.
Mind over matter
Will make the Pooh unfatter!
Dream shrinkage! Dream thinage!
Don't dream of honey and spinach!
It takes mind over matter
To make a Pooh unfatter.
Good luck with your resolutions everyone!

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  1. I saw "wedding in July" and nearly lost my mind with excitement! I totally skipped over "bestie." Oh well. I can get excited again soon. Maybe. ? :)

  2. Hahaha, yeah.... I'm poking and prodding him, just a little, I'll be skinny and ready to go after July!