Summer Mantel Banner using Cricut

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The longest part of this whole project was waiting on my Cricut to cut all my sea critters!Summer-Cricut-Mantel-Banner (6)
You can make this easily using any computer compatible craft cutter, I used my Cricut Cake and the legacy Sure Cuts A Lot 2.
The creatures are from the awesome stencil dingbat font called HFF Aqua Stencil, which I downloaded from (Have Fun with Fonts has also made a bird stencil font, which will be great for spring banner)
Set up your selected creatures to cut in your cutter’s program, then cut. Since these are fonts some of the cuts were not perfect, but they cleaned up just fine with an exacto knife.
Once you’ve got all the pieces detached, outline the it with adhesive (I used my ATG) and be sure to add some on the ‘big’ middle parts too. Summer-Cricut-Mantel-Banner (1)
Back with your accent color, square the edges, and hang with super cute tiny clothespins.Summer-Cricut-Mantel-Banner (2)
These turned out so pretty I just might make some to hang as well. All it took was some time and 7 pieces of paper. Also since it’s a stencil it’s not time consuming placing and layering like most cricut projects =)

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