Compact Pattern Organization

By June 06, 2012 ,

After trial and error I finally found a good way to keep my patterns organized without taking up too much space.

I store all of my patterns in the gallon size ziplocks, then ‘file’ them in a briefcase style bag, you know the ones you get at conferences and then never use again because they have a dorky logo on them…


It works great, cause I can store it on the floor tucked in a corner, but can grab the whole thing to sort through it on chair.

This won’t work for a large collection, but it fits a lot more than you would think, and could work well for a category of a larger collection.

If it’s a full blown pattern I give it it’s own labeled ziplock, but lately I’ve been printing a lot of little 3 or 4 piece patterns from the net, for these pattern pieces, I paper clip all the pieces together, then put them in a ziplock for the category. Here are all the free American Girl patterns I’ve found clipped and ready to file.


How do you deal with pattern organizing?

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  1. what a great way to organize patterns - I've pinned this to my sew organized board!

  2. Love it. Thanks for sharing. I've just been wondering how to organize my patterns so great timing!!