Chevron Valance

By October 26, 2012 , ,

Bestie is a teacher and has a great little classroom that needed some chevron love, so I created some fast valances for her.Chevron-Valance-002
I know you don’t need a tutorial on how to make a valance but I did want to share something I encountered.
The chevrons were printed onto the twill crooked. So I was left with the choice, cut it straight or cut it look straight. I ended up making sure the hem fold hit the same spot in the chevron across the valance.
So they look totally wavy when they are folded, but gathered on the rod they look even.Chevron-Valance-001

The fabric is Taupe Zig Zag from Carousel Designs, they shipped very quickly!

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  1. Adorable! You've been doing some fun sewing projects lately!


  2. They look fabulous in my classroom!!! I'm such a lucky bestie!