Tufted Duvet Tutorial

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Tufted-Duvet-Tutorial-DIY-020Materials for a Queen Duvet:

  • King Top Sheet
  • Queen Top Sheet (I found the individual sheets at target feel really great for the money)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Buttons or Ribbon for closure


Prewash both sheets
Iron the King size sheet
Fold and iron the top sheet make yourself a pressed line grid so that your tufts end up straight.
Layout the queen sheet on the floor of your work area, this bottom, sheet is your “sizing guide”Tufted-Duvet-Tutorial-DIY
Twist and tuft as desired. I alternated, 'more dramatic tufts’ with ‘smaller tufts’ to get the effect I wanted. While tufting you’ll need to watch the size, the top King sheet can’t get smaller than the bottom Queen sheet. Tufted-Duvet-Tutorial-DIY-001
You’ll need to pin your tufts well to ensure they make it through moving, I did this by ‘weaving’ the pin back and forth to keep the twist.Tufted-Duvet-Tutorial-DIY-002Duvet-006
To keep the tufting sizes consistent I used my seam gauge to measure “the depth” of the twist. My “dramatics” were 2” inches and my smaller ones were 1 inch.Tufted-Duvet-Tutorial-DIY-003
Carefully sew your tufts using a denim needle and a short stitch length. I went back and forth several times to ensure it kept it’s twist. At this point your top sheet resembles, Belle’s Yellow Ball gown.
Once your completely tufted it’s time to match up both the top and bottom pieces right sides together. I found the easiest place to do this was on the bed.Tufted-Duvet-Tutorial-DIY-005
Now you’re going to center the king size sheet on top of the Queen sheet, and pin the top and sides together, I used safety pins to make it easier. You will need to ease in the excess fabric into the seam as you go with little pleats.Tufted-Duvet-Tutorial-DIY-006Tufted-Duvet-Tutorial-DIY-007
Since the Queen sheet is already so nicely hemmed, I used my zipper foot to ‘ride’ along the Queen sheets hem to keep it straight.Tufted-Duvet-Tutorial-DIY-010Tufted-Duvet-Tutorial-DIY-012
After ‘riding’ the Queen’s already done hem you’ll have some excess fabric on each side, so I did a rolled hem on my serger so it won’t fray. (If you don’t have a serger you can pinking shear cut your excess).Tufted-Duvet-Tutorial-DIY-008
On your open side on the bottom, you’ll have extra excess, so you’ll need to decide how you want your closure to work then, you’ll hem it as needed.
I still haven’t added a closure to the bottom (want to do a dramatic color but can’t decide which!)  but you could do ribbon ties or buttons easily.

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  1. Love you tufting method! I can think of many other applications- bed skirt, table cover, shower curtain...I will be using your idea. The duvet cover is beautiful. I love to sew and will be following your blog.
    Please check out our blog.

    1. Thanks for visiting Linda! It took some practice but I'm so happy with how it turned out, much easier than the method involving running stitching a circle!

  2. Just like the one I love at Anthropologie! But much more inexpensive!

    1. Thanks Amy, the total came to $30 for the nicer Target Sheets!

  3. Love this!! I was going to say it looks just like the Anthro one too! Way more economical though!

  4. That's lovely, Kirstin! I've also been admiring the Anthro one lol. Thanks for showing us how to DIY it!

  5. What a great idea, I would really love it if you linked up with Crafty Tuesday on


    I feature every week 3 projects and promote them through twitter,facebook and pinterest
    all the best, Ewa

  6. Wow, I always wondered how that was done. Thanks so much for sharing this on BeColorful.