The house is coming together

By November 28, 2012 , ,

Soo here’s where I’ve been…


Completely wrong electrical outlets, thank goodness for my Master Electrician Daddy!
(Yeah no wire nuts in the entire kitchen, just electrical tape….)

Shag carpeting found sopping up a slow leak

Figuring out why all our doors are so short… Yup that’s a strip of white shag carpet we found. I totally thought it was fake fur for a costume…. crafty mind.


Pepper found her spot in the bay window.(Yes those curtains are mostly gone now).

Thanks for the fridge oma and opa!

Two weeks in our fridge arrived. Feature I love that I thought was a gimmick. Measured Fill, love not having to bother with a Pyrex.


Been doing lots of contact papering in our cabinets and vanities, I must say it’s great for adding a “pop of happy” to anything especially something you’re looking forward to replacing. (The busy pattern hides my wrinkles too!)

ghost busters

Andrew tackled the leaves with his new blower toy.IMG_3024

And replaced a flood light on his Black Friday deal ladder!

And the grand finale…..

I bought this $1,100 Horchow King Headboard on Craigslist for $300

It’s a beautiful grey chenille! (Total luck too, the ad had no info on who made it).IMG_3027

Can’t wait to build the master around it!

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