Thrifty Boning Notion Tip

By December 31, 2012 , ,

Hello lovely Hello Kirsti readers!! I'm still here, busy working on house stuff, making headband holders for my shop, and oh yeah that whole work thing.... I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and has a great New Year. Here's something I did "before the move" that I still needed to share with you =D
Happy Crafting!
oxoxoxo, Kirsti

Is it just me or do you ALWAYS forget to buy the notions sold by the yard? I totally do, especially if I’m not buying fabric.
So out of need of always forgetting to pick up some boning for various projects, I found something that would work in its’ place.
You know that plastic strapping stuff that comes strapped around large boxes??
We’ll it’s pretty similar in behavior to boning (I’ve also seen it called quilling).
I flattened it out using a old flat iron by sandwiching it in a piece of parchment paper, it worked well.
When I use it in the round I just tape ends together with scotch tape and then sew it.
Note, this will work for organizer projects and costumes but for apparel you’ll want to buy the real deal!

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