Sunday Operation Windows & Kitchen Organization

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We started the day off right with some turkey bacon, biscuits, eggs, and Pioneer Woman Hash browns (note in the cook book she has you bake not boil…) Breakfast with Pioneer Woman Hashbrowns
Then I tackled one of those OCD projects I’ve been wanting to do for ages. I cleaned the inside of both the windows, the storm windows, and all the sills and on the outside sills too. I also scraped off a bunch of paint from the glass. I had to be really really careful in some of the rooms since a genius painted water over oil and it peels off on touch almost. Ugh another issue for another day, so in those rooms I left most of the paint on the window =(
Whew, that took a whole spray bottle of vinegar/water and a bunch of Windex, and my entire cleaning rag collection, and a roll of paper towels, and my nifty new battery shop vac that’s pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread.

They were REALLY dirty.

 IMG_3465 IMG_3466
Then we hung the curtains I made from a $14 JC Penney shower curtain hemmed in half, linen and ombre, at total trend twofer! The rod is $24 a Levolor from Home Depot, really happy with it for the money. Curtain rods are evil. I got the clip rings from Amazon, for $12 they are really really nice and you get a lot of them!  Still think I need to add a band to make them a little longer, and more defined wave, but the beauty of the clips is that I don’t have to take the rod down!
Then it was time to tackle kitchen organization round 2. Last weekend my folks brought down some Ikea for my birthday. So we added a buffet and shelves to the ‘eat in’ area of the kitchen (The dining room is actually closer to the stove than the eat in, lol!)  So now that I had more space, I needed to reorganize again!
A world of difference, everything now a has a good functional home, it’s WONDERFUL! The organizational part of the kitchen is done, now all that’s left is putting in a dual fuel stove, painting the cabinets cream, and the walls yellow, and some light fixtures... and certainly I've forgotten like 5 million more things...
Looking in from the Den.
Looking in from the Den.
The rolling island was actually a Kmart find of all places, it’s called the Sandra Lee Kitchen Cart. Between it being on sale, ebates, Sears Rewards, online coupons, I was able to get it for just $120 with in store pick up. It looks pretty dang good and the top is actual granite!  Very happy with it, and it’s a huge help!
Paired with Branas baskets

Helpful hint, if you follow the Norden directions, the baskets won’t fit because of the support beam for the movable shelf, so we had to take that off. We then attached the support beam to the back of the legs to add a bar against the back of the shelf, now I have a “stop” for the baskets and they are always in line!

We didn’t stop there, that bi-fold door is my laundry closet. Since my washer and dryer stick out 8” from the back wall, I had Andrew make me a shelf to go over the control panels. No more losing my favorite shirt! Still need to finish organizing and making it pretty, but functionality is way better!
Kitchen-Organize-Hello-Kirsti-013 Kitchen-Organize-Hello-Kirsti-015
Ok I’m tuckered out now!

Now I need to show you what we did Saturday, lol....

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  1. I really envy your kitchen. My wife would be ecstatic if she had something like this. I did get the kitchen island that you have, albeit for $40 dollars more but it wasn't on sale. How sturdy is it if you would use it for a KitchenAid stand mixer? Is it deep enough for you to use it as space for chopping and dicing? Can you store a lot of stuff in the bottom drawer as well? Is there a separator dividing the two doors inside or is it one long space to store longer Tupperware or Pyrex baking dishes? Thanks for your feedback!