Birthday Applique Tee

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Little darling Levi just celebrated his big first birthday!

Momma Audra contacted me with an idea and I ran with it of course.

IMG_3953Since this was a small amount of letters, yay short names, I didn’t break out the Cricut.

Instead I

1. Picked fonts and sized everything as word art in Microsoft Publisher (Publisher gives you better, make this 2” tall abilities").

2. Mirrored the image and printed.

3. Traced the mirrored image on the paper side of Heat n Bond  Sewable

4. Snip out roughly, then iron on to back of fabric.

5. Cut out letters, shape following your lines.

6. Iron on to the shirt.

7. Outline the shirt as desired, if you used the sewable.

Easy and sooo cute!

This got covered in birthday smash cake, and is going to be featured in Levi’s first birthday shadowbox, how sweet is that?

Levi and Uncle A


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