Easy DIY Odor Eater

By November 18, 2013 , ,

I was online looking for some activated charcoal odor eaters for my fridge but didn’t find much… so then some Googling lead me to this slightly ridiculous product for $10

Yup it’s a bag full of charcoal…
So then I was like hmmm isn’t that what fishy filters use….
yup, it is called “Activated Filter Carbon” for aquarium filters, so I bought a TON of that for $7.99
(Amazon beat Walmart on price for this)
So then in a scrap busting fest I made 5 various sized pouches out of breathable fabric to make little odor eating pouches.
I made a bunch, on the larger ones I divided the areas into sections to give maximum surface area.
I serged mine to make it even easier, just pinning them once full, no serger, just make a simple pillow, or I also used a organza gift bag for one (Top Left Photo).
These are kind of messy to make cause of the black dust, but it’s not too bad, also be sure to craft yourself a funnel for less mess.
Note, these absorb odor, they have no fragrance.
They are definitely helping with the following locations in the house: litter box, fridge, freezer, garage, pantry with trash can, I even sent one to Bestie in case Baby Girl doesn’t poo roses…

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