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Hey there Hello Kirsti readers! It's been a while since I put together a guest post for y'all, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy crafting. I'm a teacher, so I've been home all summer getting my craft on. I've made 2 different types of burp cloths (more on those and the advice I have for you later), minky baby blankets, gift baskets, monograms, and so much more.
Today's project was a bit of art work for our Baby Girl's room. Her furniture arrived on Wednesday and now it's time to focus on the finishing touches before she arrives.
It started with a trip to Michael's to find the right sized canvas to go over the crib. Decided on a 12 inch x 36 inch, which just so happened to be on sale for $5.99!!! And I had a coupon for 10% off everything...SCORE!!!!
Then I needed to decide what to put on the canvas. I wanted something simple and sweet, and decided to go with “LOVE”...something that would be timeless, and could be hung somewhere else down the road.
The most difficult part of this project was finding the “right” font. It was the part that took the longest --- endlessly searching dafont.com. But eventually I found the perfect one, Shardee. I've put together a pdf of the file I used to make my template, so you won't have to search endlessly! (YAY for time saving)
Download the template here!
First I printed the letters and cut them out. I used Tombow monoadhesive to hold them in place while I traced. It's hard to see here, but there are pencil lines on in this picture.
Push-pin-love-canvas (1)
Next I started the scary part...pushing the pins in! This part takes the longest.
Push-pin-love-canvas (2)
I found the best way was to outline first and then fill in. This project took roughly 400 push pins. It's really dependent on how you push them together.
Here's the project once it was all finished!
Push-pin-love-canvas (1)
Can't wait to hang it in her room!
**P.S. I've tried shaking the canvas to try and get the pins to fall out but they are pretty secure. Barring any earthquakes I think they'll be just fine.**
Download the template here!
Kirsti:: Is this not the cutest!! Can’t wait to share all the things I’ve made for Bestie’s beautiful daughter!
Here’s a whole room shot =)LOVE-pushpin-canvas-nursery

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