DIY Custom Thread Rack

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DIY Thread Rack (1)

Inspired by the many ideas out there on Pinterest for thread storage, I combined all my favorite features into the ultimate thread rack, 3” is a little deeper than most, but I like it since it gives more flexibility since it’s wide enough for jars and cone thread.

Mine Measures 34” wide and 40” tall and 3” deep based on the 1”x3” white pine I bought at Home Depot.

Materials I used:

  • 2 - 6’  1x3 White Pine Boards
  • 3 - 8’ 1x3 White Pine Boards
  • Drywall Screws
  • Decorative Brass Corner Brackets
  • Screw in D-Rings for Hanging
  • Caulk
  • Paint

First map out what size you’d like it to be, and about how many shelves you’d like to divide that into. I thought I was going to be able to cram in more shelves than I did, so I ended up getting extra wood. I made my size divide well into the wood I bought, the inside dimensions of the shelves were 32” which meant exactly 3 per 8’ board, which kept it pretty easy.DIY-Custom-Thread-Rack-Storage-Craftroom

With your cut boards on the floor and your objects in hand, determine where you’d like your shelves to be and mark them. I made that top shelf perfect for those great Crystal Light containers.


We also drew a line down the middle of the side boards so our screws would be in a row, in the end we countersunk the screws and drywall spackled them so this wasn’t as much of an issue.

Drill pilot holes through the sides and the shelves (skinny wood=pilot holes) then screw together. We made the outside box then added the shelves. This part is tricky to keep square but take your time and you’ll get it.

Add the shelves one by one and make sure they are level. (We had to go back and correct some since I didn’t notice I was using the ‘wrong bubble’ until the end… oops).DIY-Custom-Thread-Rack-Storage-Craftroom-010

Once done with the shelves stand back and double check that they are straight.DIY-Custom-Thread-Rack-Storage-Craftroom-012

Countersink any screws you need to and use drywall putty to cover them up, I’m a fan of the pink-dries white kind. I did 3 layers of putty to get the perfect finish. Caulk the seams before painting with ALEXA paintable caulk.DIY-Custom-Thread-Rack-Storage-Craftroom-011

Once the putty is dry sand smooth, along with any other rough spots.

Wipe down with a tact cloth or damp paper towel.

Prop Up and Paint. The skinny shelve will be tricky, I used my leftover hallway paint, Behr Bali Bliss in a eggshell. I did one full coat and just touched up the spots I missed.DIY-Custom-Thread-Rack-Storage-Craftroom-013

Add your corner brackets, I did not make pilot holes for these. Be careful they can be tough to center perfectly.

Add your hanging D-Rings, I set mine at the junction of my top shelf so they’d be most hidden.

Protect your wall by adding electrical tape over the bottom of the D-rings, and felt bumpers to the back of the unit.

Hang. One side of mine hung with a drywall screw in a stud, for the other side we used a 75 lb. rated drywall anchor.

Fill to the brim with all your notions, and add little nails for bobbins if you’d like.


Couple more finished glamour shots:


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