Dream Machine Dreams Come True

By July 24, 2014 ,

I've been sewing headband holders to fund my "Dream Machine" for two years, I finally got close enough to my goal to purchase my ultimate "Dream Machine."

I did tons of research and lots of searching for a "deal" on something similar but I always came back to "needing" the totally unique features of the Brother Dreamweaver XE (VM6200D). The exclusive to Brother/Babylock features are the Laser Seam Guide, Laser Drop Light for embroidery, Sonic Pen, and Muvit Foot, which is a dual feet foot that replaces the walking foot. See more on these features here.

I'm so glad I held out to purchase this machine, in the 5 days I've had this machine I used and loved all these unique features!

Being the techy-sewist I am I made an unboxing video of the machine since there weren't any good photos of what's in-the-box on the internet, please excuse my over the top excitement.

I've got some more initial impressions video to post as well, so look for those soon!

Also the fabric from my last post has already arrived and I'm super impressed with Fabric Mart, they shipped quick and everything comes stickered with exactly what it is, your invoice number, and the care instructions, can we get that at JoAnns too PLEASE!

Look for a post of my initial creations with the machine soon!

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