New Serger Stitch Directory

By September 24, 2014 ,

It pays to keep an eye out on Craigslist, even if it’s constantly tempting you. I nabbed this $1,200 new Pfaff Serger with Cover stitch on craigslist for just $200.

I cleaned and oiled it up, and it runs great. Only missing 1 piece, the little table top.

I was good and made samples of each “stitch program” and wrote what the tensions were. This took several hours, but it was a great chance to teach myself how to switch it around, and was great to have samples with different colored threads. elfa-serger (2)

I used even sized pieces of scrap cotton fabric, on the stitches it made sense for I did it on two pieces and a single piece of fabric.

I even referenced them just in my first serger project, so I think it will end up being a very good time investment.

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