Seamwork Oslo Cardigan

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Are you reading Colette Pattern's new online sewing magazine Seamwork yet?

If not you are seriously missing out! The magazine is free, then you want the 2 included quick sew stylish patterns you can have them for just $6 for BOTH! As if it's not fabulous enough, they just added the Seamwork Radio podcast! You can learn and sew at the same time!

Ok on to the Oslo Cardigan.

My fellow sewist Mary Lou Who and I wanted to sew together so this "2-hour" pattern was the perfect project since we've both made clothes before.


Fit: I am currently the top end of the L size so that's what I cut, it worked well especially since this heavy waffle knit drags.


At the first trying on the shoulders were hanging really low. Luckily my 'too short' cowl caused me to add a small box pleat to the center neck. I also inserted elastic in the seam like at the shoulders to keep it from stretching out.



For the cuffs and cowl I used the the wrong side of the waffle knit for extra contrast.

Overall the Olso was a fun pretty easy project even if it took longer than "2 hours" =)

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