Turn Your Guest Room into Narnia

By March 21, 2016 ,

I've been busy working on operation Making Room for Baby now that my first trimester fatique has worn off.

Since our master bedroom is off the kitchen the best nursery room is my dressing room so I've been working on reducing my clothes to fit into our current guest room. (Lots of designer goodies are now listed in my Tradesy closet)

After 2 weekends of sorting the odds weren't looking good... I started looking for ways to cheat...

A couple of Amazon searches later I found my answer! This beauty is a high rise bedframe with 16.5" of clearance underneath it! That's tall enough for your average big storage tote!

 So for $110 added 58 cubic feet of storage to my guest room and all I had to do was ditch the box spring that squeaked anyway! Even better our medium size suitcase fit under it on it's side!

Since it's a oversize 'Prime' product it took awhile to get here, so I continually planned ten tons of stuff I was hoping to fit under there to the point I joked that I it was going to turn into Narnia under the bed! So far most of it is fitting.

It's super strong and sturdy and was very easy to put together!

For the bedskirt I just took the velcro off the old boxspring (see my easy velcro bedskirt post) and stuck it to the metal frame. I'll need to add a border to the end of the bedskirt to make it a little longer. The velcro will be great to remove the bedskirt when doing big swap arounds of stuff.

If you're not willing to give up your boxspring they also make a slightly shorter one that still has more clearance than your average Hollywood style bedframe, but won't make your bed too high. 

This is not a sponsored post I'm just super excited about this easy storage solution.

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