Kirsti-isms in poem form

By February 12, 2010 ,

Stumy is my tumbly
On this fantabulous day
I went to visit the Moo-mers
In the pasture across the way
My flutternutter Maxie followed me all the way
He’s a pal ya know, the bestest dog there is
Except for a Bella-Boo

We head back home and I surf on my lappie
My bestie gives me the twiggles with her latest tweet
She’s preptastic always Lilly-fied
You’ll always find us at Nordy’s
Shopaholicing the day away

I prettified the townondo
Up to OCDish standards
Time to mix a drinkini, it was a fantastical day
A snowpaplous is forming, swirling outside
Tis Nasheattle out there
As sleepytime is near, time to snuggle with my huggamuff.

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