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Andrew was gone all day yesterday playing a gig in Kentucky. Poor guy left at 11:30 and got home at 3 AM. While he was gone I baked him a funfetti vday cake and learned that I really need to take a frosting class...

Tonight we're going to The Yellow Porch in Berry Hill for dinner, it's become our V-day place =)

My awesome and cheap plastic doiley things from Ikea

Tried the freezer trick to help make the cake more stiff to frost it, don't think it helped

Beginnings of a crumb coat

The finished product. I had some greasy fondant from a previous project in the fridge so I used that to make the decorations with the intention of pulling them off as that fondant is pretty gross.

Cake plates make anything more pretty

See, I totally need to take a class...

But the important part is that he loved it, despite it being two shades of pink... He loves me.

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