The Flood

By May 24, 2010 ,

It's been a few weeks, but it's still affecting Nashville, so I think we need to talk about it.
Luckily Andrew and I were not directly affected, thanks to living on a large hill, all the places we almost lived in Bellevue though were under water.

I have plenty of friends who were affected though

Like this lovely couple.

Kelly & Brandon's house was flooded the Sunday before their wedding. An Alpha Gamma Delta alumnae, our chapter stepped up and helped Kelly with her house and continue to do so, we even were able to raise $160 from just one chapter meeting to help them start their lives together.

My other affected friend, had to be boat rescued from their home to have their first child. They made it just fine, and baby Ethan and family are happy and healthy. This was the team that loaded all their stuff to be stored while the bottom half of their house gets rebuilt.

This was the Cumberland river from a family friends deck the Monday it stopped raining. The shore is normally at the first tree line.

My entrepreneurship professor's daughter was also affected (read his brainy blog here a group of students brought the family dinner. I made these lemon bars from my Betty Crocker Baking Basics Cookbook. The crumbled ones were pretty good =)

On Old Hickory Blvd by Percy Warner there are growing mountains of building waste, as cleanup continues across the city.

And these were the lucky one's and there's much more left to do.

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