HK Series - Senior Sleepover - The Invite

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I've been a member of Alpha Gamma Delta my entire college experience at Belmont and it has been the most rewarding experience. To celebrate the four years I've spent with the wonderful women of my pledge class I decided to send us off in style with a senior sleepover.

Using a Google Spreadsheet form I collected what days worked best for the most people.

Making each date option a question and offering these options:

  • Perfect =D
  • Works but isn't the greatest =/
  • Can't be there =(
With that we finally settled on a date that worked, the evening of the last day of finals. (Punchbowl has their own date decider I later discovered, so for the easy way use that.)

Then came time to create the invitation.

Facebook offers such limited ways to make an invitation pretty, and with only a small number of people being invited I wanted something a little more personal.

There are tons of options out there. (Pingg, Punchbowl, evite, to name a few)

I'd used Pingg before and wasn't crazy about how much was paid nor the customization options. So I opted to try punchbowl. Overall I'm really happy with punchbowl, they don't make their unpaid version useless, basically you have a few less fonts and designs to choose from, but not so much you can't make something you like.

The Invitation I picked and altered in their web creator.
Easy to use, lots of options

Then you have tons of add-on tools, like a paypal fund guests can contribute to, this potluck list which I used to determine most people wanted to just have me buy and then spilt the cost of, maps, travel suggestions, loads and loads of extra features you control which was awesome.
Punchbowl has loads of options for importing the emails of your guests, and tons of controls to help you get a good count, you can manualy RSVP for a person and even link couples together. The best part though is you can see who looked at the invitation and who didn't and resend the invite to just the people who didn't look at it.

Punchbowl even helps you with your ettiquette, so you can be Emily Post the easy way.

Stay tuned more to come in this HK party series.

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