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If you haven't tried and eat out you're totally missing out.

They have great restaurants doing it in Nashville, as well as the DC area that I've used it at personally.
Not in Nashville or DC, well they have restaurants across the country.

Favorite things about

  • Various denominations
  • Constantly adding new restaurants
  • Don't expire for a year.
  • Very decent terms on most compared to other deals out there. (The best terms you'll find are $35 minimum for a $25 certificate, some have bumped that number up which is disappointing.)
  • Great way to test out a new place, or go someplace nicer for less.
  • Read and know the specific terms for the restaurant (most don't include alcohol)
  • When buying them look at the menu to determine what denomination works best for your household
  • Have fun trying new places.
Hello Kirsti's Nashville Favs:
  • Southern Bred
  • Bronte Bistro at Davis-Kidd
So give it a shot, this weekend is a great time to buy since all their prices are slashed 70%! Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250

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