HK Blogger Pick of the Week - Cake Wrecks

By June 04, 2010

After a week hiatus Blogger pick of the week is back!

GoogleReader tells me I follow 203 some odd RSS Feeds across the interwebs, yikes!
I'm hoping a lot of those are just dead feeds, or random stuff, but it did spur a great idea, a weekly "Follow Friday" of sorts from my vast collection of blog-o-sphere loves.

The Blog: Cake Wrecks
The Feed: FeedBurner Feed

Who is she:
Jen loves to make fun of hilarious professional cakes, and has tons of fun doing so. She does actually like cake.
What she talks about: 
Cake Wrecks: 2011 Mini Wall CalendarWell they post photos of hilarious professionally made cakes gone wrong. On Sunday's they have "Sunday Sweets" where they find pretty professional cakes that fit the theme.
Why she's worth reading:
Cake Wrecks is a great way to catch a laugh quickly, the cakes truly are hilarious. Plus now you'll be looking for cake wrecks when out and about, which you can then submit! Lots of people are fans of Cake Wrecks, they've even published a book and calendar.

Plus it makes you feel better about your own personal icing failures!! We've all had them!

Here's a wreck I found, Cake Wrecks wrecks are even better!

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