Happy Fourth - Patriotic Rose Ornament

By July 03, 2010 , , ,

I've been enjoying the holiday weekend crafting.
My first holiday project was a crepe paper rosette covered Styrofoam ball in red, white, dark, and light blue.

A rosette tutorial direct from me is in the works. In the mean time I learned from these videos on YouTube (click for a YouTube playlist) . 
I also recommend securing the ends with a standard glue stick.

I'm covering these Styrofoam balls I found as a six pack for just $0.99 at Micheals. The florist one's can get pretty expensive. Find crepe paper at Dollar Stores or Party City.

I hot glued them on, using a low temp glue gun, which is very important, or you need up with lots of these, like me. Continue covering, de-glue string it, and push a loop of florist wire into the foam to create a loop to hang it.

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