HK Blog Pick of the week - The Adventures of Mrs. Smith

By July 02, 2010 ,

Each week I pick a blog from collection of 203 Google Reader Subscriptions and showcase a blog I love.

The Blog: The Adventures of Mrs. Smith The Feed:  Feed

Who is she: Mrs.Smith beyond being my Alpha Gamma Delta big sister and my blogging inspiration is a happy newly wed to Mr.Smith with two funny dogs and cat name Oscar. She also obsessed with Tiffany's... If you're planning a wedding be sure to check out her archives as her blog has transitioned from a wedding planning blog to a personal blog. (Her wedding was AMAZING!)

What she talks about: Mrs.Smith writes about a vast variety of things she encounters in life. Everything from her learning to be runner, to Menu Monday where the Smith kitchen tests out new recipes each week and reports back, including lots of vegetarian recipes. Mrs.Smith also does party planning series as well as she loves to host!

Why she's worth reading: Chelsea writes about great stuff that's easy to try yourself, plus she's a pretty funny person =) Plus her tag line is "Did I tell you how divinely and utterly happy I am?" how can you go wrong with some Audrey.

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