HK Guide to Edgartown Sights on Martha's Vineyard

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While we hopped around the island during our 6 days there for my post I'm going to group everything into which town it was in, since we stayed in Edgartown and ate there a lot, I'm breaking Edgartown up into Sights & Eats posts.

 Us in our rental sooooo happy to have made it to the ferry just 15 min before it left when you're supposed be there more than 30.
 On the evening ferry over to Vineyard Haven.
 View from the Harbor Side Inn in Edgartown where we stayed.

All those buildings are now apart of the inn.
 This isn't the Prada I love, but I had to take a picture anyway!
 Beautiful United Methodist Church in Edgartown, when we visited once in December we went to see the Minnie Singers Christmas concert.
Walking out to the Edgartown Light, so pretty and we were the only one's out there. 

It's a short light house but is very pretty.

Self portraits.
Beautiful Panorama.

I include Shopping as apart of my 'Sights', great cheap accessories from Shelia Allen Styles (Google Maps, MV Blogger's Post), nothing over $25, sadly they weren't open again to branch out into more neutral colors =(

I was soo sad that In The Pink was closed for the season, they are the only VIA store on MV.

Vineyard Vines love, they were probably the only store on the island that had NO sale stuff, which was a bummer, everywhere else was just about 40% off at least some stuff.
I lucked out at Island Outfitters and got black on black Stephen Bonanno for 40% $98, for next year.

Pretty Streets.

Me and Captain Hook, Scarecrows were sponsored by local businesses and students of the MV Charter School and were all over the Island. I wanted to get my picture with all of them, but there were way to many. 

With Heidi

He was pretty cool too.
Beautiful Delilahs. LOVE.
 On top of the Edgartown Harbor Pavilion wearing my new Menemsha Blues shirt.
 Andrew, kindly holding my purse and Edgartown.
 The Lighthouse we visited earlier.

Looking up the docks from the pavilion. 
Awesome giant pagoda tree planted in the 1800s right near the Inn. 
 Our street for the week.
 Our cute little room on the third floor over looking the street.
 The bed was soo high I almost needed a boost.
 It was small but worked. It was so great being downtown, since we had a fridge we could pop up and grab a  soda for our many walks around town.

Edgartown Eats, coming up next =)

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