Grandma’s 80th in Maryland

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Andrew and I headed back home to Maryland for my Dad’s Mom’s 80th Birthday party. It was a quick Thursday night – Sunday night trip, but it was fun.

Thursday Night

2011-04-14 23.07.22
Headed straight from the airport to Abbey Burger Bistro in Federal Hill in Baltimore. The best burgers ever!  I had bison with provolone and the usual along with their mac and cheese. (I definitely did a ‘dance’ when I confirmed their kitchen was open ‘til midnight!)


Lunch at my other favorite burger place Blue Ridge Grill in Leesburg, Va. They have amazing everything but my top picks are Steak Egg Rolls, the house salad, the blue ridge burger, and their crab cake sandwich, ok and just about everything else too.
James S. McDonnell Space Hangar at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy CenterVisit to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center the National Air & Space Museum Annex at the Dulles airport in Chantilly, VA.  Andrew hadn’t been, and I hadn’t been in a pretty long time. Very cool massive hanger full of everything from a Blackbird, to a Space Shuttle, to a Concorde.
Dinner and Music at the Austin Grill in Silver Spring, MD. We’re good friends with cover band Dis-Funk-Shun and the timing finally worked out that we were in MD for one! We had a great time, Andrew even got to sit in with the band for a set! One of my lifetime friends from 6th grade, Julie, was able to come out too, which was so great since it had been waay too long since I’d seen her. Though you’d never guess it, gotta love those friendships so strong that time means nothing.
Me & Julie
Andrew sitting in with Dis-Funk-Shun


100_3327 Our friend’s Bermanese Mountain dog puppy came for a visit, oh my Mocha is a bundle of energy. I wish she was a little calmer then I could have smuggled her to Nashville…
Party day. Icky rain didn’t hold us down, we all had a good time, and a good time eating the yummy Georgetown Cupcakes =D
100_3332Georgetown Cupcakes (TLC show DC Cupcakes) & Grandma’s Cake
100_3337Grandmother Sandwich: Birthday Girl Grandma, Me, and Oma 
After our late night at the Austin Grill we stayed in Saturday night.  Andrew and I made steaks for Mom and Dad (Ok maybe he made them, but I was a good assistant). We were super successful, soo good!

100_3345 100_3353100_3357


Lunch with Mom, Dad, and Grandma at the M & S Grill in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor before heading to the airport. Basically this was me eating as much shrimp, crab, and fish as I could before leaving the coast.

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