Sewing Again

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Way back in January mom suggested a sewing machine for Nashville as a birthday present.
I was still in my going from working at home to working and commuting stinks funk so I didn't pursue it, since I knew my sewing set up in Nashville would never be close to the great craftroom of decades of collecting my mom and I shared at home.
Lately I've been itching to be crafty, and being short it sorta stinks to not be able to hem my own jeans. (Lord knows I'll never be able to remember to go to a tailor, so I've been waiting on trips home so mom can hem them, she's does it best anyway!)
Well I was at Walmart buying everything but the two things I went there for, cause that's how Walmart works does it not? haha
Then I saw they had a clearance sewing machine, quite the rarity. So I snapped a pic and researched it once I got home.

Turns out it the Brother SQ-9000 is a good machine and a good deal, a new one for the price of a refurbished one online. All with more features than anything else in the $150-$200 price range.
So I went back and got it.
I was super scared when I pulled it down and saw no less than 3 layers of tape. Then questioned myself, am I REALLY going to buy an open box from Walmart? (Funny side note, A's folks bought an open box tv from walmart, yeah they got it home and it had a bullet hole in it...)
I went with it, worst case scenario I'll return it tomorrow.
So I opened it up and tried not to get my hopes up too much.
IMAG0132 IMAG0130 
I rejoiced to see the bobbin seal sticker intact!!
Turns out I'm only missing the directions, but I already found those online and I've got the pdf loaded up on my Google Tablet ready for reference!
I only did a little bit of playing around, but I'm very impressed with the machine so far and what it came with. It seems pretty on par with my Mom's really nice Kenmore 150 I learned on.

IMAG0133 100_3880
I’m impressed with all the extras too, a cover, and a full quilting kit, I’ve never quilted before but I’m definitely curious!
Since I didn't buy any goodies to go with the machine (in case it was a dud) I only had some random scraps to play on, and I still need to get the tensions and such set, but I'm excited to try out more!!

I've only got a few sewing blogs I read, Sew Much Ado and My Name is Stefanie and I'm a Craftaholic, who do you read for sewing inspiration??

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