Sewn Greeting Card

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One  of the things I was excited about when I got my sewing machine was getting to sew paper, funny I know but look!
How cute is this Friend-aversary card?  100_4008(Created for my lovely Little Sister Amanda, we’re celebrating 4 years together!)
This was my first time doing this, I was always too scared of messing up my Mom's fancy machine.  I didn’t have any issues but does anyone know if this is "bad"? 

Plus it’s super easy here’s a quick tutorial if you can call it that:
1. Create your design using your various patterned stitches, then if you have a monogram function, you can write a message.
100_40012. Carefully zig zag stitch the front and back of the card together to create a hinge.
100_40023. Fold carefully to break it in, and trim your threads.

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  1. Sewing paper is so fun! I set aside one needle for sewing paper as paper dulls needles much more quickly than sewing fabric. I just mark it with a permanent marker and use it whenever I am sewing paper!!