Cute purse from a kit

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So I got those purse kits from Walmart for like $3 remember?100_3901
Well I finally made one. The directions were pretty worthless, but I did sew my first pleats! Just in time for pleat week in the sewing blogger world too!
100_3995 I'm definitely going to made some modifications before I use it as a 'purse purse' so I'm not losing stuff as I walk, but for right now it makes a nice throw bag for all that random junk we always seem to be bringing.
Plus Pepper likes it cause of the Hello Kitty ribbon ties, but what's no to love?!

Measuring the rectangle.

Sewing leaving room to turn it.100_3975100_3976Pressed
100_3977Pressed ready to pleat
My first pleat! (I think so at least)100_3980Tying on the handles.
100_3981100_3989100_3997Silly Pepper likes it too! (She didn’t like going for a ride in it though…)    

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