Andrew’s Favorite Pecan Pie

By October 07, 2011 ,

Pioneer Woman Pecan Pie Andrew is a pecan pie connoisseur. A true expert.

In fact a month into our dating was his birthday, and it was then that I my first killer pecan pie.Wrapped up Pie

in his words "It was magic"Andrew Pie

I guess that's why he still likes me over three years later... 


That first pie was Paula Dean's Mystery Pecan Pie which has a magical layer of cheese cake-ness on the bottom.

Sometimes I go more traditional and make him Pioneer Woman's Classic Pecan Pie

I make it pretty much to spec, sometimes making my own crust, sometimes cheating.

If I use my pie plate I can generally sneak in some extra pecans.

After making a bunch of Dreamy Apple Pies you definitely appreciate how easy pecan pie really is. No wash'in and chopp'in.Pecan Pie 1Pecan Pie 2Pecan Pie 3

But still gooey and yummy. Best served with a big scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. 

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