Super Hero Cape Tutorial

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Superman Cape TutorialWhen the invitation arrived for a 1st Birthday party, I knew just what I was going to make since this little fellas Dad is a Superman super fan!

For the appliqué I use this concept from Cat on a Limb. 

I didn't kid myself into doing a black satin stitch on the edges though, I knew I had no hope, anyway the rustic look was gonna be just as cute anyways!

For the shape there are about a 100 different superman logos on google image search to try, I ended up printing this one as a full 8.5x11 sheet of paper, it worked out well. Since you're just looking for the basic shape if you have to blow it up some it's not a big deal.

For the rest I just cut it keeping the collar as I had seen done in a couple of other blogs.


  • Rotary Cutter (only way to get it smooth straight cut)
  • Red Kids Shirt in a too big size, other wise the collar will be out of proportion.
  • Blue and Yellow XL Adult shirt to get the most fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Embroidery or nail scissors
  • Embroidery thread if you want to add a name and made by.
  • Safety pins to bustle if you're making it for a toddler.
  1. Pick or cut off sleeves of red shirt so you can get maximum width from the cape
  2. from the top of the front of the shirt cut out a piece larger than the logo, after you have the piece to make the appliqué, cut straight down so that you can layout the whole tee flat. Cut below the collar!!  
  3. Fold the fabric in half carefully, with the collar poking out the top. Use your ruler to find the appropriate angle to cut straight line from shoulder to the bottom hem then rotary cut that line through both layers.
  4. Fold in half again, and find radius's that work around the collar. I used a  wider one for the tops of the shoulders so the cape can 'grip' onto his shirt. Then a narrower radius around the neck to make it less bib like. 100_4224 100_4237
  5. Now it's time to appliqué. Cut out your paper superman logo an fold it in half, then fold your red fabric in half and cut to the size of the pattern, then do the same for the yellow and the blue, making each a little bigger than the one before it. 
  6. Center the red shape on top of the yellow, stitch around the edged using red thread.
  7. Cut out the 'negative' portions of your pattern, then trace them onto the fabric using a water soluble marker. 100_4225
  8. Stitch using red thread again on top of those lines, creating complete shapes through the red and yellow fabric. 100_4226100_4227
  9. Cut out the negative portions with a good seam allowance, creating a salvage edge of the red fabric. 100_4230
  10. Fold cape in half and determine where you want the logo on the cape. 
  11. Center the red and yellow on top of the blue and pin where you want it on the cape.
  12. Stitch again where you did to stitch together the red and yellow pieces but now you are sewing the red, yellow, blue,and red cape.
  13. using red thread and stitching in places where you created the outline tack the red and yellow layer to the cape so the appliqué doesn't sag.
  14. Embroider Super ____ where the appliqué is taking care to only go through the red fabric.
  15. Watch your favorite super hero zoom around his birthday party! (Tip: You can bustle it by pinning the edges of the cape into the 'V' of the applique, that way it can grow with the Super Hero =)100_4245

100_4241 Pepper even gave his present some love before we left for the party.

I made the cute card using the free printables from Hostess with the Mostess' Birthday Parade Printables.









It was super easy to swap out some of the colors with photoshop (swapping pink for red in most cases). I also added the flag pole and "1" pennant to the Elephant's trunk which turned out super cute!

If you have any questions about the construction let me know, I was so excited about how well it turned out I stopped taking pictures!

Links for the tutorial used to make the football softie coming soon!

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  1. I just pinned this to my pinterest account. I love it and know some little boys (and a few little girls too) who would love it!

  2. SO cute! What a great idea (and relatively cheap compared to other toys out there!)