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By November 11, 2011

Thanks Mrs.Smith for sharing this =) Which I totally did the same day, and I’m finally posting… now… oops. Anywho, enjoy some random info about me.

Guilty pleasure?
Purses, they are the most loyal of the fashion tribe followed by shoes.
I can't travel without?
My kindle, and angry birds.
Recent splurge?
Over $100 for a heated mattress pad, best $100 spent ever. Also all the sewing stuff I've been buying...
My go-to flower?
I love me some lillies, I am a Lilly girl after all. tehehe
In bulk, I buy?
Household paper and cleaning stuff, gotta love costcoing and not having to think about it for months.
I sleep on?
A queen foam cozy mattress, with the splurge heated mattress pad, and about 4 layers of blankies, what can I say I like to be cozy.
Comfort food?
Anything involving potatoes and cheese.
For breakfast?
Coffee and two small apples sliced super fast in my favorite Williams Sonoma chopper, seriously just as easy as buying the predone ones.
For dinner?
Something easy and yummy, on the weekends we love to try something new.
Love/hate relationship with?
Baking and dieting. Yeah they battle each other, if only I wasn't so good at the first one.
Can't stop watching?
Revenge, Ringer, Pan AM, Mad Men, Gossip Girl has been eh, ok I love lots of TV shows, but there is no better escapism plus I'm a multitasking queen!
Best online shopping find?
The Limited, 40% off plus virtual dollar redemption, I may have made a spreadsheet....

$2,057.80 worth of stuff for $308, a savings of 85% plus I have a $30 'secret savings balance' I'll get in December.
Crushing on?
This guy. A Pomeranian & Sheltie Mix

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Every girl should have?
An ensemble that just makes them feel fab
My style in five words?
Pink Green Preppy Fabulous Classic
I love wearing?
Skirts, Dresses, and cute shoes.
Dream job?
My own marketing/design firm, I love getting small businesses started, I was a entrepreneurship major after all.

Leave me a comment if you post this too =)



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  1. Excuse me? Gossip Girl? EH? NEVER!!!!! :) :) :)

    And that pup is so stinkin CUTE!!!

  2. Love your blog, Kirstin! So how do I get savings like that from the Limited? I love their clothes... but the prices not so much!

  3. The key to feeling like your stealing from the Limited is every once in a while they will do their extra 40% off promotion when another promotion is still active. Essentially you're looking for them to to the 40% w/o needing a promo code so you can then stack at free shipping and 15% off code on top of your 40%. In this particular case they were still redeeming their "virtual dollars" promotion which equated to getting $25 off every $75 spent on top of the 40% off. So basically I look at all their emails and see where their clearance prices are at and if any other sales are going on. Then if I hit gold I buy everything I like, sometimes in multiple sizes since they have free returns to the store. I'll add you to my list of "gals to alert during a super sale" email list Katie!